Dragon Quest
virtual pet/pedometer
(updated 07/25/03)
Dragon Quest is different than other pedometer pets because it's the only pedometer that behaves like a regular virtual pet also.....meaning you feed it and care for it, it beeps at you when it needs something and it grows up (evolves) like a tamagotchi. It's very cute. The only thing he doesn't do like other virtual pets, is poop.

The other thing that's different about this Pedometer is that the timing of events is not related to how many steps you've taken. In other words, meters will empty out and things will still happen even if you're not walking with him--you just won't go anywhere on the map, that's all.

The instructions come with a map. All of the areas are colored and the whole map is on a grid with the numbers along the sides, sort of like longitude and latitude.  Oh cool, I just noticed while typing this, that the background on the vpet screen is the same map. 

Ok, onto the game....

--Top row of icons--

Shows your current location, indicated by a tiny dot against the map background. It also shows which direction you're headed (indicated by a little compass). You can change your direction (north, east, south and west) by pressing the "A" button.

Then if you press the "B" button, you can also see a numeric representation of your location, defined by those numbers I mentioned. For example: my location is S-2, W-6. That means second square down from the center (south) and sixth one to the left (west).

Shows the number of steps you've taken. First screen shows the amount for that day and the second screen shows your total amount since you started.

There's a food meter and a stress meter represented by 4 little hershey kiss shapes (the "slime" character). To reduce the stress meter, you must win a game (which I explain later). There's also an age and weight meter (like tamagotchi) and a battle meter (similiar to the age/weight meter) that keeps track of the number of his battles and wins (like digimon).

The last meter (it's actually the first meter shown, but I saved it for last) looks a lot like a tama's discipline meter, but it's related to his evolutions. It increases as you walk and also two marks each meal he is fed (only the top food option does this). Each time the meter reaches 100% full, the character evolves again.

Each "land" has it's own evolution meter, so anytime you travel to another land, the name above the meter changes and the meter starts at zero. However, if you leave a certain land with your meter half-filled and then go back to it later on, it will save the setting you had while you were there last and pick up where you left off.

He has two food options. The first option is vegetation from the land that he's currently traveling through. For example: in the forest it's mushrooms, in the desert it's cactus, in the garden it's flowers, and so on, etc.. And the second option is a small loaf of bread which never changes. I have not been able to figure out what the benifit would be of feeding him bread. They both add one pound to his weight, but only the first option increases the evolution meter.

--Bottom row of icons--

GAME: (reduces the stress meter)

Very cute!  There's a stack of three boards on the left of the screen and Slime (that's his name) is standing to the right. He starts out by pumping up with some deep breaths--very comical, his face inflates in the process.

Anyway, the object of the game is for Slime to break all three boards with one Karate chop. There are rapidly changing numbers just beside him (like one wheel of a slot machine), it's very similar to some of the japanese version digimon games, where they have to "power up".

Our job is to press the enter button and hope that it stops on a high number.  A zero thru 3 will not break any boards and will make him sad. A 4 or 5 will break one board, a 6 or 7 will break two boards and only an 8 or 9 (which aren't easy to get) will break all three boards.

Only the highest results (breaking all three boards) will eliminate one filled space on the stress meter.

There are two uses for this function. Ocassionally Slime will fall into a hole--the top option helps him out. The bottom option is for giving him medicine when he is sick or injured. The medicine screen has two sub-options....top is confirm, bottom is cancel.

The medicine choices change throughout the game. Each one has a different affect on the character and/or the meters (ie: slowing him down or transporting him, etc). We haven't quite figured them out yet, but we're working on it.

This one's cute. One of the medicines causes him to fall asleep and we have to help him wake up. When you select the this icon, a little alarm clock appears next to him and starts bleeping and wakes him up again.

STAGES ( ? ) :
I didn't know what else to call this icon. It's a silhouette of Slime's head with a question mark in the center.  Choosing this icon allows you to view all of the stages/characters he's gone through during that particular game. Pressing the "A" or "B" button lets you scroll through each one.


The screen shots are adorable, VERY tamagotchi like. (i wonder if Enix is related to Bandai)

On either side of Slime (as though he's walking down a path) is scenery that represent the terrain or area that he's traveling through. It changes according to his location. For example: if he's traveling through a field, you'll see grass on the left and right hand sides of the screen. If he's traveling through a forest, you'll see little trees on either side. There are about 7 different types of terrain....field, forest, desert, garden, mountains(scenery is clouds), water and one I forget offhand. There are also two hidden places not shown on the map. It's a dark MYSTERY place! If your character evolves in those places, he will change into one of the "secret" characters. I don't know how many secret characters there are, but we've gotten two so far. We've only been able to make it into one of the mystery places. I finally got close to the second one yesterday and I'm hoping to gain entrance today.

The cool part is that the scenery actually moves when you're walking (remember this is a pedometer pet).  If slime is traveling north, his scenery will move downward. If he's traveling east, his scenery will move to the left....and so on, for all four compass directions.

When he sleeps there's a pretty night sky on the left hand side of the screen, complete with moon and stars.

Well, that's about all I can think of for now. I haven't done as much walking as I'd like. LOL, i keep forgetting it's a pedometer.



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