Mezamatch Instructions
Tamagotchi Alarm Clock

(updated 11/17/02)

Sorry, these instructions are kind of lame. I didn't have time to work on anything elaborate, so this will have to do for the time being.

First and second button are "chooser" buttons. The third one is the "enter" button and the fourth one is "cancel".

Pressing the second button will display the current day's calendar event (birthday etc) and your horoscope (or fortune) for that day will scroll across the top of the screen--a feature that most of us non-asians will never be able to appreciate :-(

Pretty basic. As soon as the clock is started, you'll be prompted for this information. Just use the "chooser" buttons to adjust the blinking numbers on the screen to correspond with the current date and time. Press "enter" to move onto each subsequent setting--year first, then month, then day, then day of the week (sun-sat).

Press button #1 and the alarm setting will appear. Just adjust the blinking numbers and press enter. Press the large crescent shaped button to toggle the ON/OFF settings for the alarm. A little musical note will appear next to the time letting you know when the alarm is ON.

Press button #2, and WHILE the message is scrolling across the screen, press the large crescent shaped button. That will bring you to the event settings. The birthday cake represents birthdays (obviously) and the engagement ring represents anniversaries.

Use the chooser button to move back and forth between the "birthday setting" and the "anniversary" setting. Then press "enter" to select one.

Once you've made your selection, you'll see a large number to the right of the screen. The birthday and anniversary settings are capable of storing 4 dates each. Use button #1 to scroll through the numbers (1 thru 4) and press enter to choose #1 for your first date, #2 for the second date, and so on..

If you're in the birthday settings, then the next thing you'll see is a face. If you're in the anniversary settings, you'll see a shape instead (first one's a heart). There are 8 different faces and 8 different shapes to choose from. You're supposed to choose the image that best suits the occasion you're about to enter.

After that you'll be prompted to enter the date of your special occasion--first the year, then the month, then the day. Press enter when you're finished and that's all there is to it.

There is another setting or feature that I never noticed before, but a friend pointed it out to me. Apparently if you press buttons #1 and #4 simultaneously (releasing them quickly), another screen with numbers will appear and pressing button #1 will let you scroll through them.

There are 8 numbers (1~8) but I have absolutely no idea what this setting is for. If anyone has any info on this, please drop me an email to let me know.


Pressing button #3 will bring up the "game" screen. Choose between the ball & bat on the right (to play the "hi-low" number game) or the crystal ball to see your fortune--again, a feature only those who can read Japanese will be able to appreciate.


There's more to the Mezamatch than just an alarm clock--the characters and how you care for it etc. But I haven't had enough time to experiment with it, or enough time to write about it, so I'll have to save that for a later date.



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