Virtual Pet Flower
(updated 4/29/03)

This is probably the coolest keychain pet I've ever played with.

The flower is still a baby when I took these photos.
I'll try to add new photos of him as he grows up.

The clear red thing on top is a light sensor.

The image on the left is the feeding options (water & fertilizer).
The image on the right is the flower being watered.

The image on the left is flower listening to music.
The image on the right is what he looks like when he's happy.

Here it is a little older.
Left: dancing to music -- Right: growing weeds

Oops! I killed my poor flower :(

This is the cutest keychain pet I've ever played with.  On a scale of 1~10......based on graphics, sound effects, features, functions, growth charts and cuteability, I rate this one a TWELVE!

The graphics are adorable and the sound effects are incredible....it even has real music!  The features are cuter and more interesting than most pets I've seen.  Here's some of the things it does....

- FOOD & WATER - Icon is a bag of plant food:
Options are a watering can and fertilizer. Pretty self-explanatory, but the animations are cute.

- SUNBATHING - Icon is a Sun:
Unit has a light sensor on the top. Highlight the "sun" icon and aim it toward any light source and press the enter button. If sufficient light is present a little sunshine will appear in one corner and you have to hold it
there for one full minute while it basks in the sun. At the end of a minute a cute little sound will play letting you know it's had enough sun. When you stop, it plays the song, "you are my sunshine".....the entire verse, not just a few notes. 

- MUSIC - Icon is a Musical Note:
This function is similar to the "discipline" function on other pets. If the flower gets cranky, just play some music for it to cheer it up. It actually plays REAL MUSIC.  And not just the same tune over and over. I've played it about 10 times so far, and every song was different.  And you can play music for it even when she doesn't need cheering up.

- INSECTICIDE - Icon is a Can of Bug Spray:
This function is similar to "medicine" functions on other pets. Mine hasn't gotten sick yet, so I haven't had a chance to use it and don't know what the animation looks like.

- TRIMMING - Icon is a Pair of Scissors:
Similar to the "bathroom" or "cleaning" functions on other pets. I haven't used this one yet either, but the directions say that every so often weeds start growing on your flower and you have to trim them off with the scissors. Mine hasn't grown weeds yet, so I don't know what it looks like.

- GAME - Icon is a Happy Face:
Catching falling bees. Similar to Devilgotch catching snowflakes in his mouth, only much more challenging. They fall slowly at first, but then they speed up. You have to move the basket left or right to catch them as they fall. You need at least 20 to win.....and it's not that easy ;)

- TEMPERATURE - Icon is a Thermometer:
(like Dinkie pets) You have to keep his environment comfortable by turning the air-conditioner on/off when necessary. When she gets too cold, she shivers....when she's too hot it looks like steam rising off her body. 

-  SLEEP - Icon is a Crescent Moon:
Lights on/off. It plays a little lullaby when it falls asleep and then you turn the lights off. The nighttime scene is so cute!  The screen is dark with a large crescent moon with a face on it (the man in the moon), breathing and snoring, and three stars twinkling around it.

- STATUS METERS - Icon is a Flower:
Meters are self-explanatory pictures.

- BREEDING - Icon is Male and Female Symbols dressed as Flowers:
Explained below...

Good news for anyone who could only get a female. It turns out that you don't need the male after all, in order to make it reproduce. According to the instructions, which are in english (yay!) breeding doesn't occur by connecting two units together.  The green plastic stem on the bottom is removable.  After 9 days, the female is ready to breed. When the breeding icon is lit, you just swap stems with the male unit and a baby flower is "born". 

The way it works is the top half of the male stem--the part that fits inside--is longer than the female's. (LOL sorry about this folks!)  And there's a button inside the female unit that gets pressed when the longer plastic piece is inserted.

So really, the male unit isn't even needed for the female to reproduce (LOL, a perfect example of art imitating life ;)  All you really need is a toothpick to press against the side where the button is.

The growth chart shows quite a few different characters. However, I discovered that only the FEMALES (yellow ones) are able to reproduce and giving you a bunch of extra characters. 

Growth Chart photo coming soon...


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