Chibibotto Instruction Sheet

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Chibibotto Instruction Sheet
What is Chibibotto?
Chibibotto is a mysterious robot. He cannot speak, but can express himself by eye expression, arms, and sounds. He plays robotic tunes by himself, and sometimes sings according to his mood. He likes to be tapped.

Chibibotto changes into 15 characters. Besides those 15 characters, Chibibotto also has dozens more expressions that temporarily appear on the screen.

He has happy, angry, and funny expressions. Sometimes he sings, sometimes he is angry, and if you leave him for a long time, he closes the shutter and falls asleep.

How do you play with Chibibotto?  TAP HIM!

LCD, LED (heart-shaped light), robot arms, speaker, energy tank for robot arm (AAA battery), energy tank for electrical brain (Button-cell Lithium battery CR2032), and a sensor. (The sensor reacts when it receives any vibration/bouncing action.)

Back side: 3 buttons total, A button (select, sound-off button), reset button (in the middle), and B button (choose, clock set)    Front

A button  -  Reset button  -  B button

How to Play
Before you play:
Pull out the battery insulation tab;
Insert AAA battery (please see below, "How to change the battery.");
Reset- Push re-set button at back of the toy (Beep sound);
Chibibotto waits for you with shutter closed. Wake him up by tapping him once.

How to Tap
Please tap him lightly with pen.
When Chibibotto is tapped, his eye expression will show X.
Please wait for 3 seconds for reaction.
Strong tap may cause damage of product.
Tap lightly on energy tank for robot arms.

How to change Robot mode and Clock mode
Chibibotto has 2 modes. Robot mode shows eye expressions on screen. Clock mode simply shows time. The Clock mode also includes an Alarm.
To change modes, tap him twice and wait for 3 seconds.

How to Set the Clock
Please set the clock before play.
Change to Clock mode. (If Chibibotto is in Robot mode, lightly tap him twice and wait 3 seconds for him to change to clock mode.)
A button is to select, and B button is to choose and to count the numbers.

Push and hold the B button until LCD shows clock and alarm icons.
Push B button to choose clock icon and push A button to select.
Push B button to choose AM/PM and push A button to select.
Push B button to choose ëhourí and push A button to select.
Push B button to choose ëminutesí and push A button to select.

How to Set Alarm
Change to Clock mode.
Push and hold B button until LCD shows clock and alarm icons.
Push B button to choose alarm icon and push A button to select.
Push B button to choose ON/OFF and push A button to select. (The alarm must be ON or it will not be set.)
Push B button to choose AM/PM and push A button to select.
Push B button to choose ëhourí and push A button to set.
Push B button to choose ëminuteí and choose B button to set.
Alarm sound goes off with a tap, or push A or B button.
Alarm sound automatically goes off after 30 seconds.
Please confirm if ON is selected.

Things to Do with Chibibotto
Tap once.
Chibibotto suddenly changes his mood and gets angry. Also, he sometimes becomes unconscious. Gently tap him once, he will show normal expression.

Slot Machine
Sometimes the screen shows a slot machine. Tap him once to choose an expression and again, for another expression.

Expression for certain times
Chibibotto has special eye expressions that appear at certain secret times. Watch Chibibotto carefully and check his face whenever you have timeóyou may catch him making some secret expressions!

How to Select Characters
You can change eye types everyday. Chibibotto will give you two choices every day. Select one by tapping him.

Reading Secret Codes
Chibibotto can be played by using secret codes. All characters and events that appear in Chibibotto can be called by those secret codesóif you know them!

Every character has a secret code to let you choose him. Once you choose a character, it will remain the same until the next day.

Star: one tap, stop, stop (XOO)
Moon: three continuos taps (XXX)
Stick man: one tap, stop, one tap (XOX)
Cactus: stop, one tap, stop (OXO)
Yacht: one tap, one tap, stop (XXO)
Sun: stop, one tap, one tap (OXX)

Here are a few secret codes to get you started:
Character A: Moon, yacht, moon, stick-man
Character B: Moon, yacht, moon, star
Character C: Moon, yacht, moon, moon
Character D: moon, yacht, moon, sun
Character E: moon, yacht, stickman, moon

You can also try these codes to get some temporary expressions:

Sun glasses: moon, yacht, moon, yacht
Double Hearts: stickman, cactus, yacht, star
Tornado: moon, yacht, yacht, yacht
Ring Ring Phone: stickman, cactus, moon, sun
Slot: yacht, yacht, yacht, yacht

For example, if you would like to see Chibibotto with Sunglasses, the code is Moon/Yacht/Moon/Yacht-- or XXX XXO XXX XXO. So:

Tap five times, stop (wait a second), tap five times. Then wait for 3 seconds to see Chibibotto with his Sunglasses!

There are many other secret codes! Sometimes Chibibotto gives you a hint for those secret codes. Those codes are not shown in this instruction sheetóyou can only discover them by watching Chibibotto carefully.

Sound and Sensor ON and OFF
Switch to Robot mode.
Push and hold the A button until it beeps. The sound is now OFF.
Push and hold the A button again to turn sensor OFF.
Push and hold the A button again to turn sound and sensor ON.



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