(last updated 9/12/03)

Useful Websites for Vpet collectors


Tamagotchi Planet
Great Tamagotchi info, also #1 Furby site
Tamagotchi Square
Instructions for rare Japanese Tamagotchis
translated to English
great photos, lots of interesting vpets, for sale section
Tamagotchi Zoo
Tons of great pics of every tama character (with stats)
Digimon Zoo
Tons of great pics of every Digimon character (with stats)
The Mouse House
Tamagotchi logs, photos, vpet diaries
Virtual Pet Farm
photos & info on almost every keychain pet in existence
More Great Photos...
great photos of Japanese Tamagotchis
(entire site is in Japanese)


Virtual Pets Discussion Groups
VPetsML Email Group
great group and still active

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