Instructions and other helpful info

(updated 07/25/03)

Here you will find instructions and other info, like an explanation of how Micropets work, plus helpful tips on how to get them to do certain things and how to recognize the different responses and their meanings.


Ok, lets start with the official instructions enclosed inside the package:

MicroPets are only one inch high. They can interact with each other, responding to each other's sounds and actions. They also have voice recognition and can follow commands that are spoken to them....no programming needed. They sing, they play and according to Tomy, they'll even get upset when they're left out.  U.S. version pets sing the National Anthem.

Now....how they really work:

Contrary to what the instructions imply, they are NOT programmed to "understand" commands.  It's noise they respond to, not actual words. They recognize series of long and short sounds. For example: a "short sound" could be defined as a one syllable word or a quick noise such as a clap, whereas a "long sound" would be a string of words, or any kind of sustained noise. So technically, it wouldn't matter if you give them a long verbal command or burp out your phone number, the results will be the same. 

Using Japanese versions:

Fear not....there is no difference between the Japanese and the U.S. versions, so if you have a Japanese Micropet, you don't need to learn to speak Japanese. Since Micropets only respond to SOUNDS and not the actual words themselves, it doesn't matter what language you speak. In fact, you don't even have to speak. Any noises will do as long as they're done in the right sequences.  Which brings us to the next topic....

Commands simplified:

If you find it difficult to memorize the commands printed in the instructions, then you'll appreciate this. 
I didn't get a chance to finish typing this part, but I wanted to post it anyway so people could at least read the other parts until I'm done working on it.
Official Micropets Commands



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