My Review
(written 7/28/02)

This review is incomplete. I wrote it a long time ago when they first came out, so it doesn't include any of the newer versions or any new info that I discovered since I first played with them.

Ok, I finally got a chance to play with my Micropets a little today.  They're very cute.  No comparison to Furby of course, but quite adorable IMO.  They're almost like little Mutsus on wheels ;)

They each have different voices. They all sound adorable, but the Kitty and the Bush Monster sound the cutest to me. Their "voices" are electronic sounding, kind of similar to Mutsu's.....they chatter and sing etc. I only have five of them, but the other five are duplicates of the same animals, so I chose not to get all ten. Here's a brief description of their individual sounds....

-- My little discoveries --
I'm not sure, but I don't think they like being picked up.  They flail their little arms and legs if I have them off the ground for more than a few seconds. LOL, and I discovered that making 5 short sounds will cause them to belt out "The Star Spangled Banner"!  :-D

I still haven't had time to read the instructions and get more familiar with them, so I don't know yet how to make them follow commands or what they're different "mood" behaviours are.  I think I read somewhere that they have 3 different moods, but I'll have to verify that.  One of the things I like that also remind me of Mutsu, is their ability to entertain themselves, which in turn, entertains *me* :)

Oops!  LOL, I think I finally just ignored Kitty!  Eeeks, she's not very happy at all. She's kind of shrieking at me now.  Hmm, I'm talking to her, but she doesn't want to play anymore.  Oh ok, now I'm getting the cold shoulder.  LOL, just like a cat ;-P

Oh wait. I just tried a series of sounds and it worked.  I'm guessing that funny cartoon like melody she just played means she's all cheered up now :)

LOL, oh no.....the monster sounds like he's breathing fire at me!  I think he's upset :D  Oh gosh, what's this sound now?  <shivers> oooh, such a scary prehistoric sound!

Ok, time to put Micropets to Microsleep.  My 8 year old twins figured this one out press (and hold) the button on top of their head for 3 full seconds and they'll play a "game over" tune and fall asleep.  Some of them *snore* instead of playing a tune.


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My Review
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