Limited Edition "Dolphin" Mutsu
by Tomy (Japan) - page created 11/15/02


The dolphin is extremely rare. It was a Limited Exclusive available only online, and only for a very short time and was never even shown on Tomy's site. I think they sold out within a few weeks. I was extremely lucky to get it.  I was even more surprised to discover that it glows in the dark! (see photos further down)



He comes with a ROUND style bowl, but unfortunately, the dolphin is almost the same color as the bottom of his ocean, so he doesn't stand out as much as the others do. I usually keep him in the larger "original" shaped tank, because he shows up better in that one.


Here he is glowing in his box before I even opened it, and then again in my hand. Notice how bright he glows and the room isn't even that dark!

The coolest thing about this one, is that it's not made of the same odd colored plastic that most glow-in-the-dark things are usually made from. In fact, when he's in his normal state, you can't even tell that he glows by looking at him. He looks no different than any of the other mutsus--a solid rich opaque color without that funny pale greenish tint.

The other thing that's different is the WAY it glows. It's made from an entirely different material, so it glows differently than the other things I've seen. This one looks like it LIGHTS UP from the inside...very much like those "Indiglo" watches. 

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