My Mutsu Sculptures
hand-sculpted by Valerie
(updated 7/28/03)

You can't really tell from the photos, due to overexposure, but the blue "water" (base) is very sparkly and has a high gloss finish (wet looking) and the pink Mutsu and both seaweed things are *frosted*.

Mutsu Sculpture


Penguin Sculpture

The penguin on the left is the "real" penguin mutsu (shown for comparison).

Hidamari No Tami Sculpture

"Hidamari No Tami" means "sunny people". They're characters from the Japanese Gameboy Mutsu.

See my Hidamari No Tami page for more info.

My next sculpting project will probably be the Turtle Mutsu.

The rest of my Mutsu collection

Pink Mutsu Fish
(round bowl)
Bunny Mutsu
(round bowl)
Penguin Mutsu
(original shape tank)
Puppy Mutsu
(original shape tank)

** Rare Limited Edition **

Limited Edition
Turtle Mutsu
(original shape tank)
Limited Edition
Dolphin Mutsu
(round bowl)
Limited Edition
Morinaga Whale Mutsu
(original shaped tank)


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