Other Tamagotchi Related Items by Bandai
(last updated 3/02/03)

These are just a bunch of tamagotchi goodies I've collected over the years. About half I bought from a friend in Japan and the other half were given to me by a very generous person who was getting rid of his Tamagotchi collection.

My Collection of Plastic Tamagotchi Cases


Shown with Tamagotchis...

The plastic holders were made in several different styles to go with all the
different tama versions.  They made larger ones for Osu/Mesu in pink, blue,
orange and green.  They made pretty sparkly ones with wings on them for Angelgotch
(in the usual angel colors). They also made speckled Morino holders too. I have one,
but you can't see it in the photo. It's got a grey bottom with green speckles and a clear
top....really cool looking, it's one of my favorites.

Here's a close up photo of the Angel holder....


Tamagotchi Harness (leather "snap-on" harness for attaching to jeans or whatever..)


Tamagotchi Games
Left: Mame Game(like Tetris, but with falling tama creatures)
Right: Digital Pocket (several different games, building different
characters, eggs and tama scenes, etc)


Tamagotchi Zippered Keepers (I also have two others not shown)

These are the japanese version zippered keepers.


Tamagotchi Bandaids
Sorry about the fuzzy quality. The "screen" is one of those plastic motion decals.
It has oval shaped bandages inside. Notice the play on words....Bandai-d.


More Tamagotchi items...

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