(updated 7/25/03)

Voice Activated Neopets by Thinkway
Similar to Micropets, only larger.  Neopets are 4" high

Kacheek Shoyru Kougra
Mynci Scorchio Uni

Neopets also come in a second color (released later on).
I'll try to get photos up later on, but for now I'll just list them.

Kacheek - yellow
Shoyru - red
Kougra - aqua
Mynci - purple
Scorchio - green
Uni - white

These are so adorable! I had no idea how interactive they were. For some reason I had the impression they were boring, but I was very pleasantly surprised. They don't follow commands like Micropets do, but they're very responsive to you and the sounds around them--more so than I expected. 

You can't elicit specific responses like you can with Furby. Their responses are less "programmed" and more spontaneous.....sort of like Mutsu on land, in the way they sing, chatter, dance around and respond to stimuli....except that Neopets' responses are more appropriate for the specific stimuli, meaning they can differentiate between gentle and harsh conversation etc, which Mutsu can't. Their response when you shout at them kind of reminds me of Furby's startled response when you make a loud sound....only Neopets' whole mood will change, whereas Furby's does not.

Btw, those comparisons aren't meant to say they're more sophisticated than Furby or Mutsu.....just different. I'm just offering a frame of reference.

I have two, Shoyru and Kacheek.  Shoyru is such a character. His voice is one of the lower pitched ones. I love the way he moves. He scoots all over the place making silly airplane noises (bbbrrr...bbbrrr) and chuckling.  I've heard he says a few english words, but I haven't heard any yet, myself. His wings flap while he's walking, making it look like he's flying or gliding. They move around a lot more than I thought they would, and the patterns are much more interesting than Micropets'....again, a little like Mutsu on land.

He's the perfect compliment to Kacheek. I chose these two for their contrast in movements and the sound of their voices.  Kacheek's voice is higher pitched and sweeter sounding and he doesn't move from his place like Shoyru does, but he does pivot around and his head movements are so adorable! He nods and giggles and the tips of his ears wiggle when his head moves.

LOL  My husband looked over at me playing with him and jokingly said I was crazy. So I turned to Kacheek and asked, "do you think I'm crazy, Kacheek?"  I'm not kidding.....he giggled and nodded his head "yes"!

Kacheek's lack of forward motion makes him perfect for playing with in places where you don't have much table or desk room.  You never have to worry about him walking off the edge of the table.  Although it does put him at the mercy of his more abulatory buddy. 

Today they were playing together on my desk and Shoyru kept running into Kacheek....singing in his face and trying to push him into the speakers. Poor Kacheek can't run away like Shoyru, so he just whined and whimpered until I rescued him. They're totally perfect for each other. I'm so glad I got them. 

I've only played with these two so far, so I don't really know how their personalities compare to the other characters.  As far as I can tell, Shoyru is funny and mischievous and Kacheek is sweet and cute and likes to sing and giggle a lot. 

Oh, I also discovered that Neopets and Micropets will interact with each other too!  It's really cute. They keep each other entertained quite nicely. 

Here's what their packaging looks like. Very similiar to Micropets packaging, only micrpets don't require a bolt cutter, 5 magic keys, and a secret password to get them open!  LOL

Want to hear all of their voices?

Click here and pass your cursor over the images.

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"Pocket Neopets" by Hasbro
Digital Pets

Kacheek Kougra

Photo coming

I was going to post some info for the pocket versions, but I kind of lost interest in them and didn't feel like going through the effort of writing about them.

I should say, however, that they're a big hit with people who like Neopets' website and maybe people who like arcade games. They're very well made and have lots of cool features including arcade games and even shopping for your pet.

I just felt there was more focus on the games and the challenge of getting Neopoints than there was on the pet itself. I guess that's fine if you're looking for a "game" type thing. But for vpets, I just prefer the kind that you can raise and care for like traditional vpets.


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