Interactive Digital Buddies
(by Tiger Electronics)


These things are so cute. They have funny personalities with many different animations and are activated by pulling their "mouse" cord. They connect with other Zudes to interact with each other. They also have little built-in games that you can play. Each one has six different games, plus a "secret" game that you can only get when you connect two of them together. See manufacturer's description below....

I never liked Troll hair, so I gave all of mine crew cuts.

Wacky computer friends who do unexpected things! Each Zudes character comes to life by pushing it's foot button or pulling it's mouse. Plays games and activities. Makes random sounds, talks and prompts you to interact with it! Collect and connect two or more Zudes - each has it's own personality and they play with each other! When you connect 3 or more Zudes they will play music and dance across the screen.


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