Super Rare Tamagotchis
(updated 7/25/03)

This page is still under construction.
I'll be adding more photos as soon as I have a chance.

Bandai Shareholder Tam
Rarest of all Tams. 
Sells for about $400.00 USD
"Toei" Toy Fair
Gold Shareholders LOTTE

NTT Townpages Morinaga (food & drink company)

JAL (Japanese Airlines) JAL (Japanese Airlines)
This one is the rarer of the two.

Clear Blue Mothra
extremely rare mothra color,
not sure what special vers it was
Clear Pink Clockface
this one is not a special edition, 
just an extremely rare color
White w/pastel swirls
this one is not a special edition,
just a semi-rare color

Special Edition Asian tamas


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