U.S. versions
(updated 9/12/03)

Series 1  (10 characters)

The six in this top row were actually available in both USA and Japan.
Siren Moshi Chumsely Coco Bongo Kuma

The Monsters were only available in the U.S. (Sumo & Yuk's tongues light up)
Sumo Yuk Bob Kuda

Series 2  (11 characters)

Available only in the U.S.
Tug Ralph Sky Juma Oak

Tug Ralph Tank Snot Gork Chop

Limited Edition Seasonals - Easter Bunnies & Halloween Cat
White Pink Halloween Cat

Series 3 characters
Available in stores now.....


Series 1 and 2
25 characters
Series 1 - 7
40 characters
Jap Robo-D
Disney robots
3 characters
Rare Limited Edition
3 characters

English instructions - works for all pets
My Review
my personal review written when they first came out


www.micro-pets.com and www.tomy.co.jp/micro-pets


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