Every version ever made, including all of the rare Japanese ones.
(last updated 7/25/03)

The photos are all mine, but I take no credit for the instructions and some of the growth-charts that these items are linked to. They belong to friends of mine from the Virtual Pets email group who worked very hard on them.

A thousand thanks to Mits for painstakingly tranlating so many of these instructions from Japanese to English. Thanks to her, many people are now able to enjoy these tamagotchis to their fullest. And a very special thanks to my friend Jason Reid, whom I've been purchasing tamagotchis from for years. I owe my entire Tama collection to him :-)

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Characters: 5 adult characters, 4 secret characters
Game:Jumping over shooting stars. Jump over all four and two happy hearts get filled.
Special features:Touch & sound sensitive. Tap screen to chase away a bat when it's trying to steal angel's food. Angel wanders off occasionally. Tap screen to call him back to the screen. He'll come back doing something cute.
Comments: One of the only tamas that evolves every day.  Very pleasant tama, one of my favorite to play with. Came in four different colors....pink, blue, yellow and white.
Growth Chart
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U.S. Ocean (Japanese version called "Umi No")

Characters: 5 adult characters, One(?) secret character. Secret character is so mysterious that NO one has even seen him yet or even knows how many there are.  Who will be the first to find out?
Game: Have to guess which treasure chest is filled with gold. Watch out for surprises!
Special Features: Touch & sound sensitive. Chase away the hungry polar bear by tapping the screen before he injures your fish. During the game, a nasty octopus appears occasionally, spits ink and blackens the screen. It causes his happy hearts to empty out and water has to be cleaned.
Comments: Extremely challenging, very demanding...the hardest one of all the tamagotchis. Only a small amount of U.S. Oceans made it to the stores, so this one is very rare.  Came in four different designs.
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Morino ("Mori No" aka: Forestgotchi)

Characters: 8 adult characters, 4 secret characters.
Game: "Cup game". Find the leaf hidden under one of the four hats. Two out of four wins the game. All four fills up two hearts.
Special Features: Touch sensitive. Choice of two eggs to choose from (simple or advanced game). Scare preditors away by tapping screen. Food choices change throughout the game and vary for each character. Advanced game has an extra stage...a 24 hr (no sleep) cocoon stage where your only option is adjust and maintain temperature level inside his cocoon. Resumes normal function when he emerges from cocoon. 
Comments: For some reason, Bandai decided to create a "screen saver" for this one. It defaults to a "distant" view after 5 seconds, making it difficult to see when he poops. Cute sounds, lots of characters, great features, VERY cool tama! Came in four different designs.
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Mothra ("Mothra No"  a character from a "godzilla" movie)

Characters: 4 adult characters, 3 secret characters
Game: "Cup game" (similar to Morino's game). Find Mothra grub in one of the four the holes. Need 3 out of 5 tries to win. Five correct guesses fills two hearts.
Special Features: Mothra goes into a cocoon before changing to an adult. Really sweet sound effects and instead of just beeping for discipline...mothra misbehaves by tearing down buildings. Twins Mora & Roru dance around Mothra when you select the medicine icon.
Comments: Pretty basic care taking with this one, similiar to regular tamagotchi. Came in only one design, but there was a special edition version made with green trim/accents instead of blue and one extra special edition in CLEAR blue!
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Genjintch (aka: Caveman gotchi) 

Characters: 5 adult characters, 3 secret characters
Game: ...
Special Features: basic functions like P1 and P2 tama
Comments: I haven't played with mine yet, so I don't have a full description right now, but I will update this section as soon as I try it. Only came in one color/design.
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Characters: 4 adult characters and (?) secret ones
Game: Catching falling stars in his mouth. Catching all four fills two stars on the happiness meter.
Special Features: Touch sensitive screen, unique mischievous behavior when you try to care for it and surprise screen activities throughout the day and evening.
Comments: I finally broke down and got one (all four in fact!), but I haven't had a chance to try them yet, so I can't comment on them right now.  Mits' instructions will explain everything. This one came in four colors/designs.
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TamaOtch (named after Japanese comedian Tamao Nakamura)

Characters: 6 adult characters and 2 secret ones.
Game: slot machine and dance rehearsals and acting lessons
Special Features: touch screen & sound sensitive, needs fan mail when she's depressed. 
Comments: Very cute tama, unique features and sounds. Only came in one color/design.
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Characters: One main character, but has the ability to change his appearance in many ways. An additional character comes along midway through the game.
Game: Santa jumps down one of 3 chimneys and one of several things happens.
Special Features: Tons of cool features and lots of neat surprises! I'll have to do this section when I have more time to explain it. In the meantime, check out the instructions.  Came in three colors....red, green, white.
Comments: Very different from other tamagotchi versions. Very similar to Doraemon & Doraemii.
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Doraemon (a popular Japanese cartoon character...a robot cat who travels thru time)

Characters: One main character, but has the ability to change his appearance many different ways.
Game: Face matching "slot" game. Match 2 faces, fill one heart. Match two mice, all hearts empty out. Match 2 objects and you get to keep that item in Doraemon's "pocket" (to use later).
Special Features: Compared to other tamas, everything about this one is a special feature.
Comments: This one is loaded with surprises! It's one of my favs. It's very exciting the first time you play, but once you know what all the items do, it isn't quite as exciting anymore. However, it's still one of the most entertaining ones to play with.
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Doraemii (Doraemon's little sister)

Comments:  Female version of the Doraemon tama. Both both have the same features. Photos of this one can be viewed by clicking Doraemon's link above. 

Osutchi (male)
Mesutchi (female)
(aka: wedding pair or mateable tamas)

Characters: several generations, 32 characters total (including the "secret" generation) 
Game: Flag waving game. Stop him/her waving when flags match.
Special Features: Interactive.  Male & female units connect to each other when fully mature to have offspring. There are three generations, plus one more secret generation if you're lucky.  Osu/Mesu Tamas are larger than regular Tamas.
Comments: The characters will keep reproducing indefinitely until the batteries die, I guess. Aside from the interactive feature, this tama is very similar to the original tamagotchi. However, this one has the most and probably the cutest characters of all the tamas.  Six different color pairs were made, including a very rare Anniversary pair.
Osu/Mesu Instructions
Growth Chart
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Yasashii (aka: Super Tama. Yasashii means "easy" or "gentle")

Characters: 7 adults and (?) secret character
Game: Find the matching dessert by pressing the buttons that correspond with the little boxes.
Special Features: Very large...approx 4 inches high. 6 buttons instead of 3. Buttons light up (instead of icons) when it needs something. Cute little screen activity at certain time of day. Has a volume control and an easel stand on its back. Sound effects are more musical than regular tamas.
Comments: Overall, very similar to original tamagotchi (P1 & P2). Probably one of the rarest of all the tamas. Came in three colors....white/pink, blue, yellow.
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