Japanese versions - Series 1 ~ 6
(updated 8/13/03)

Series 1 (12 characters)

Available in Japan Only - (notice japanese versions don't have light up eyes)
Kiwi Sky Bee Hoo Peach Sun

These six were available in both America and Japan.
Dal Cookie Pell Jam Snow Choco

Series 2 (6 characters)

Available in Japan Only
Daschund Great Pyreneese Beagle Tabby Tortoiseshell Black Cat

Series 3 "Sweets" (6 characters)

Available in Japan Only
Cheese Cake Cherry Pie Choco Banana Crepe ChocoMint 
Ice Cream
Strawberry Shortcake Blueberry Pie

Series 4 (6 characters)

Available in Japan Only
Yuki Hanna Sora Rei Mon Popo

Series 5 "vegetable" (6 characters)

Available in Japan Only
Carrot Lettuce Potato Peas Pumpkin Tomato

Series 6 (4 characters)

Available in Japan Only
American Shorthair Siamese Bull Dog Pug

Series 7 (4 characters)

Available in Japan Only (note these all look like cats but are actually dogs that have pointy ears)
German Shepherd Shiba Inu Siberian Husky Bull Terrier

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Series 1 and 2
25 characters
Series 1 - 7
40 characters
Jap Robo-D
Disney robots
3 characters
Rare Limited Edition
3 characters

English instructions - works for all pets
My Review
my personal review written when they first came out




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