Misc Japanese Vpets
(updated 7/25/03)
The ones on this page are all made by Bandai

Magical Witches (Bandai)

These are so cool.  They open like little books. There are 4 different colors in the complete set, each a different character. They connect & interact with each other. I'll put photos up shortly, of them opened.

Micalun & Devitan (Bandai)

Another cool Bandai pet that I didn't know existed! I was so thrilled to get these. They're little Angel/Devil pets and they are "connectable" also. Each pet has TWO characters together in the same unit....an adorable little Angel and a Devil looking thing. Notice the Angel Wing shape molded into the front? I haven't quite figure out how they work yet, because I haven't had a lot of time to play with them. I'll update this later.

Dr. Slump (Bandai)


Another Bandai pet! I never knew about this one either. I haven't played with mine yet, so I don't know anything about it. I'll write a description as soon as I get a chance to figure it out.  Sorry for the poor quality image. I'll put up better ones as soon as I have a chance.


Yokaizer Pedometer (Bandai)

Pronounced: "Yaw Kayzer".  Yokaizer is a Japanse anime like Pikachu etc. These are Pedometer pets and they also connect to each other like Digimon. The characters are described as "Ghost kids". Different packaging and case color indicates different versions.  The one on the right is a "Denpa Yokaizar Wave". Similar to the other 2 pedometers, but this one reacts to microwaves, like the Tamagotchi Wave UFO.


Denpa Yokaizar Wave (Bandai)

Similar to the other 2 pedometers above, but this one reacts to microwaves, like the Tamagotchi Wave UFO.

??? (Bandai)
I can't read the package, so I don't know the name of this one. All I know is that it's made by Bandai
Kamikaze "Mysterious Thief" (Bandai)

Bandai Calorie Counter
Not really a "pet" but it's made by Bandai and looks cool, so I thought I'd go ahead and put it up.

Robocon Pedometer pet (Bandai)

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