(page created 9/12/03)

Puku-Puku Water Angels by Sega
Adorable.....only 3.5 inches high

Water Angel Wind Angel Earth Angel

I just got one a couple of days ago (the pink one), but I haven't had time to figure it out yet. Unfortunately, the instructions are all in Kanji and I can't find anyone to translate them for me :( 

They're very cute though. From what I can tell so far, they're very similar to Mutsu in the way that you interact with them. Of course the little Angel can't move around as much as Mutsu, but it has several different moods and will move around and make sounds that reveal it's mood. The sounds are adorable. It sings and giggles when it's happy and gets upset if you ignore it. It also makes munching sounds when its eating. The movements are cute too. It's hard to explain, but it's just kind of sweet. 

The button on the left (the star) is a food game and the button on the right (the heart) is a happiness game. 

More info coming soon!

In the meantime, they're available to purchase at Gizmo-Guru.com


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